Sumo Loach ‘Schistura balteata’


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The Orange Saddle Loach, also known as Schistura balteata has many names including Sumo Loach, Schistura Loach, Stone Loach, Tri-band Loach, Tri-band Sumo Loach. This fish is a fantastic freshwater fish for those looking for a peaceful addition to their aquarium. Loaches are natural scavengers, eating up all sorts of things to keep your aquarium clean, and with an average lifespan of 10 years, you'll be enjoying their company for a very long time.

These fish may seem like an attractive addition to any aquarium due to their size and natural tendency to clean up the waste floating around in your aquarium without creating much themselves, but taking care of them is more complicated than you might expect. These fish have no scales and are somewhat prone to disease, and so we recommend that you have some experience in caring for scale-less fish if you're planning on getting them.


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