Indian Zebra Shrimp



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The striking broad brown-black banding makes the zebra shrimp or striped shrimp a very attractive aquarium inhabitant. In the basic color it is quite variable, there are even yellowish and bluish zebra shrimp. The males remain somewhat smaller than the more bulky females, which reach a size of up to three centimeters.

Because of the great color variability, the striped shrimp is an interesting species for breeding. This is quite simple – the females carry between 20 and 30 eggs, from which very small, fully developed young hatch. You do not need a separate breeding tank for them. If you want to do something good for your shrimp babies, you can feed fine dust food. The use of a shrimp-proof filter is recommended in any case, so that the small fry of the striped shrimp cannot be sucked in.

The striped shrimp is relatively undemanding, also with regard to food, it feeds on biofilms and algae growth. It likes to graze on brown autumn leaves . It can remain as permanent food in the aquarium, because it has no negative influence on the water values. 2x a week a suitable protein food should be given. On the remaining days you can give food with higher vegetable content.

Striped shrimps can be socialized as peaceful group animals with other, also peaceful aquarium animals. Of course, the demands on the water values should not diverge.


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