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The Freshwater (or FW) Philippine Blue Avatar Angelfish is a color morph from the wild Silver ‘scalare‘ angelfish that has a large distribution across many river systems in South America. It is rare to encounter wild freshwater angelfish in the hobby, because they are now mass produced in captive-settings in Asia. For our store specifically, the majority of our freshwater angelfish are sourced locally from hobbyists right here in Wisconsin! Angelfish may be one of the most popular freshwater fishes in the hobby because of their elegant appearance, personality, numerous color morphs and compatibility. Do not forget that they are cichlids however, as these behaviors can become more obvious in peaceful community-type aquariums, particularly during breeding. Angelfish are somewhat social and if acquired as juveniles, they are best kept in small groups of at least 4 to 6 individuals. The body of an adult Blue angelfish can reach a size of approximately 6″ across, but they can be 8″ or taller in height once you account for their dorsal and anal fins. Angelfish, at any size, are difficult to sex unless they are in spawning behavior.


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