Paskai Rainbow



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Pseudomugil paskai is a small slender-bodied species, usually not exceeding 35 mm in length. Two dorsal fins, very close together, the first much smaller than the second. Males have a semi-translucent body colour that is bluish ventrally and yellowish above the mid-lateral line, with narrow dark scale outlines. The fins are generally translucent with white or yellow margins and scattered oval black spots. Lobes of the caudal fin have either white, yellow or reddish tips. Pelvic fins are yellowish with elongated anterior rays. Females do not have spots on their fins and do not show the colours of the males.

Distribution & Habitat

Pseudomugil paskai were collected by David Balloch and Gerald Allen in 1983. They are very similar to Pseudomugil gertrudae, but differ in colouration and fin shape. P. paskai are currently known only from a small creek, approximately 6° 03'S, 141° 18'E, 7.5 km north of Kiunga in the Fly River system of Papua New Guinea. They are a stream dwelling species occupying slow-flowing muddy or tea-coloured rainforest streams. Aquatic vegetation is generally abundant. The pH and temperature ranges recorded at the collection site were 6.0 – 6.5 and 25 – 26° Celsius.


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