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Nesaea Triflora is a stunning plant that originates from regions of Africa and Asia, more specifically Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. The leaves are oblong and grow in a paired opposite decussating pattern. The stem and veins have a reddish tint to then, that contrast nicely with the green leaves. When grown under ideal conditions, such as high light and with CO2, reds are greatly intensified.

Due to its growing vertical growing pattern and color, we recommend placing Nesaea Triflora in the background or midground of a scape. Nesaea Triflora can be grown in both submerged and emersed conditions, although a transition period will be required. To keep Nesaea Triflora nice and compact, regular trimming will need to be performed. The plant trimmings can then be replanted as a form of propagation.


Nesaea Triflora can be grown both, submerged or emersed

Do not make drastic changes to the aquarium and water parameters, sudden changes can result in the plant melting

CO2 injection and quality aquarium


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