Micranthemum micranthemoides T/C


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Always research first and make cautious modifications to your aquarium to avoid unstable tank conditions that can cause plant melting and decay.

CO2 injection is highly recommended for your aquascape. CO2 is recommended around +/-30ppm.

A well researched aquarium fertilizing routine is recommended for your plant(s) to grow healthy, vibrant in color, and be nutrient deficiency and algae free.

Your aquarium plants will grow best in adequate lighting, medium to high lighting is recommended.

Even the easiest aquarium plants require adequate and regular maintenance and care to keep your aquarium ecosystem healthy.

Trim your plants appropriately with sharp scissors to prune and/or propagate and to maintain your desired aquascape.

Keep your aquarium pH and general hardness (GH) stable and targeted to your aquascape plan. Aquarium pH of 6-8 is recommended for your plants.

Use nutrient rich soil substrate in your aquarium to give your plants the best start.



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