Lemon Oscar


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A selectively bred form of the popular Oscar, the Lemon Oscar displays vibrant yellow and gold coloration as its name suggests. A large growing, predatory fish, Oscars require large aquariums and should be kept with similarly sized tankmates. Although Oscars have earned a reputation for aggression, they are fairly peaceful for a large cichlid and if given ample tankspace will do well in a mixed community of large sized fish. Feeding a varied diet of high quality prepared and frozen foods will help ensure their best colors as they grow.


Origin: Aquacultured Asia

Diet: Omnivore and predator, will eat any fish small enough to fit in its mouth

Adult Size: 12″

Recommended Tank Size: 90 Gallon

Compatibility:  Aggressive, especially toward other cichlids, but can be kept in a mixed cichlid community

Preferred Water Parameters

pH:                         6.0 – 7.5

Temp:                    78-84F

Ammonia:             0ppm

Nitrite:                  0ppm

Nitrate:                 <30ppm


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