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Embark on an aquatic journey filled with elegance and natural beauty with the Eleocharis Vivipara Bundle. Also known as the "Umbrella Hairgrass," this bundle of aquatic plants offers a graceful and enchanting addition to your aquarium. With its slender, swaying fronds, Eleocharis Vivipara breathes life and vibrancy into your aquatic paradise.

Key Features:

  1. Graceful Aesthetic: Eleocharis Vivipara boasts long, delicate fronds that sway gently with the water's flow, creating an enchanting underwater symphony. Its slender appearance provides a sense of depth and movement to your aquarium.
  2. Versatile Aquascaping: Whether you're crafting a serene Dutch aquascape, a natural biotope-inspired layout, or a captivating planted tank, the Eleocharis Vivipara Bundle fits seamlessly into various aquatic design concepts.
  3. Low-Maintenance Beauty: This hardy aquatic grass requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced aquarists. It readily adapts to a range of aquarium conditions, from low to high light and various water parameters.
  4. Habitat Enhancement: Eleocharis Vivipara provides a welcoming environment for your aquatic inhabitants. It offers a sanctuary for small fish and shrimp, while also assisting in oxygenating the water to maintain a healthy ecosystem.


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