Echinodorus Schlueteri



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The Mini swordplant is an easy aquarium plant that does not exceed a height of 25 cm. The submerged leaves are longish egg-shaped to slightly heart-shaped and unicoloured light to middle green. The emersed leaves are more roundish with longer stalk. A typical feature of this swordplant are often spirally twisted roots. Good lighting and nutrient supply provided, it forms dense, relatively low leaf rosettes. It is well suited to the midground or as small group in the foreground of bigger tanks. In nano tanks it can also be used as solitary plant in the mid- or background. Not seldom it develops long, thin inflorescences with adventitious plantlets.

Due to its small size, Schlueter's swordplant is also recommendable for emersed layouts such as paludariums and Wabi-Kusa. During the warm period of the year it also grows well outdoor. The emersed plant is decorative due to its big, white flowers which appear on its creeping, thin inflorescences.


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