False Julii Corydoras ‘trilineatus’


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Three Stripe Corys are small catfish that are attractive and easy to breed. As bottom dwellers, they enjoy sifting through gravel and other substrate in search of food, which helps to keep the aquarium free of detritus. Three Stripe Corys are also very similar to other much more expensive species such as Julii Cory; you can add multiple Three Stripe Corys to your aquarium for a very reasonable price. 

This species bears a resemblance to two other Cory species, Corydoras julii andCorydoras leopardus. Each species has spotted bodies and a large black spot on the dorsal fin. However, closer inspection reveals differences between them. Corydoras julii has finer spots on the head that are not connected, and it is smaller overall than Corydoras trilenatusCorydoras leopardus has a far more elongated head than the other two species. Most Corydoras julii sold in stores are, in fact, Corydoras trilenatus.


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