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Bucephalandra Titan is a lovely variation in the Bucephalandra family. At first look, Buce Titan is a small to medium sized specimen with ruffled leaves and varying color tones that mainly consist of olive green, bronze, and reddish hues. Like all Bucephalandra, Bucephalandra Titan produces exaggerated coloration when given proper care and placed under aquarium LED lighting. Bucephalandra is an epiphytic plant and will sprout new growth from its rhizome.

Bucephalandra does best in low to medium lighting and will grow nice and dense if favorable conditions are provided. CO2 injection along with a good flow and regular tank maintenance will promote quicker, more robust growth. The stem and rhizome should not be covered when planting as this will cause the plant to rot and wither. Care can be comparable to other popular aquatic plant species such as Anubias and Java Ferns, but Bucephalandra will not tolerate sudden changes well.

Common Name

Buce Titan

Bucephalandra Titan




Low to Medium



Suggested Placement Attach to wood or stone


Separate rhizome

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Nelson P.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating


Really healthy plant

Really healthy plant

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Jason S.Verified Buyer

5.0 star rating

Experience Level:Beginner


Awesome Plant

Packaging was nice and plant is healthy.

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