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ucephalandra Biblis Blue Sky is a beautiful variant belonging to the Bucephalandra family. Relatively small, Buce Biblis Blue Sky is a great aquatic plant choice for nano aquariums due to its small size and ornamental appearance. Buce Biblis Blue Sky grows smaller leaves with a slight curl with colors varying from dark green to reddish brown hues. Like most Buce, Bucephalandra Biblis is easy to care for and can be grown submerged or emerged in an array of setups such as aquariums, terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums. Buce Biblis's growth is slow and new growth sprouts via leaves along its long rhizome. Placement for this aquatic plant is simple and it can be attached to hardscape material or aquarium decor using super glue or thread.

Although unnecessary, CO2 and a quality fertilizer encourages healthier growth and is recommended if possible.

Bucephalandra Biblis Blue Sky (Farmed)


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