Badis Badis (Blue Badis)


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With a strange name that appears twice, badis badis is a unique fish which is rather small yet is able to change into a number of colors depending on its mood. Also known as Blue Perch, the fish belongs to the family of the Badidae in the order of Perciforms

Badis badis has a long yet slender profile that measures about 8cm when mature. Other characteristics to help identify the fish are:

  • A dark spot above the base of the pectoral fin.
  • Dark markings can be spotted on the dorsal fin. The same applies to the base of the dorsal fin where only a single marking is found.
  • On the flanks are dark markings that come in a series.
  • Possesses lateral line scales.
  • Has a color pattern that comprises of at least 11 vertical bars.
  • Red and black pigmentation on the caudal peduncle and flank


Females are slightly smaller and appear less colorful as well. However, they are more round than the males. On the other hand, males are more slender but possess quite attractive colors that become more pronounced during breeding when they seek attention from females.

Tank Requirements

From experience, most hobbyists affirm that various types of fish do well in large water tanks as opposed to small aquariums. This can be attributed to the fact that in their natural habitats, they enjoy free flowing waters in non-restricted areas. For this reason, it is often better to house fish in sizeable tanks that offer them sufficient space to swim and play.

For the badis badis, here are some tank requirements that you need to take into consideration when housing them:

A tank that is no less than 30 gallons.

A substrate comprising of sand and gravel. Some rocks and pebbles should be present to provide a kind of cover when the fish needs to rest.

Plant species that will provide shades and hiding place. Tanks with plant life look more natural.

Driftwood twigs, plant branches and leaves that float on the water.

Water temperatures at between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.


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